Genuine Zodiac Duralife Diaphragm Baracuda X7 T5 T3

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  • Genuine Zodiac Duralife Diaphragm Baracuda suites X7 T5 T3
  • Genuine Zodiac Duralife Diaphragm Baracuda suites X7 T5 T3 side view


The Genuine Duralife Diaphragm for Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaners replacement spare part suits the Zodiac X7, Zodiac T5, Zodiac T3. With the reinforced and shorter design the Duralife Diaphragm is designed to last longer then the traditional Diaphragms from Zodiac. Easy and quick to replace and breath new life into your pool cleaner.

When your pool cleaner is not moving and you have checked and cleaned your pool filtration, then remove the head of your pool cleaner from the hose and place your hand slightly over the hose with the pool pump running and test the suction. For a more accurate reading use a Pool Pulse on the hose that the pool cleaner head was removed from. Most disc cleaners are happy at a reading of 2 - 3 but check the manual supplied with your cleaner for the correct water flow required.

If your pool cleaner is still not working he best thing to do is disassemble the pool cleaner and find the Diaphragm, upon inspection the Diaphragm should have no holes in it from debris. If the Diaphragm does contain holes in the rubber this will allow water to bypass the tube design and slow or stop the cleaner from working all together.

If you have any problems removing the Diaphragm from your pool cleaner for inspection please do not hesitate to contact Pool Super Store.

Tip: The diaphragm does not require a Retaining Ring to connect to the Inner Extension Pipe like older cleaners. 

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