Types of Swimming Pool Cleaners & the Pros and Cons

Picking a pool cleaner is kind of like buying a car, there are so many of them out there, different makes, models, tow size, shape, how many does it seat, how fast or slow is it, how safe is it and i suppose the colour comes into it as well. Most people should buy the car that is best for them not what they want to be, eg: I ride motorbikes so i bought a Ute not a hatchback, my wife drives around the city with our young one so she only needed something small and nippy there would be no point putting the shopping in the tray of my Ute. At the end of the day it comes down to what do you need it to do, just like a pool cleaner. I would never put a Kreepy Krauly in a extremely leafy pool full of gum trees, the pool would be better off with a pressure cleaner or robotic pool cleaner.

I am going to break down the general types of pool cleaners and give suggestions what they are best for to help you decide on your next car.... pool cleaner.

Hose Driven / Disc Suction Cleaners - (Zodiac G2, T3. T5, Kreepy Krauly VTX-7, etc)

Great for:

  • Rectangle simple shape pools
  • Small debris
  • Dust and dirt
  • Most have a great scrubbing action
  • Can be left in the pool

Bad for:

  • Free Form swimming pools
  • Large debris
  • Can get stuck easily

Head Driven Suction Cleaners (Zodiac MX6, Kreepy Krauly Sprinta)

Great for:

  • Free Form pools (any pool really without an island)
  • Dusty and small debris
  • Some have a swivel on the hose or head which never tangle
  • Can leave it in the pool all year round
  • Most cast get stuck in a pool as they have a gearing design

Bad for:

  • Most don't scrub the finish of the pool
  • Some do well with large debris some don't so check each cleaner case by case

Return Pressure Cleaners (Polaris, Pentair Racer)

Great for:

  • Can be left in the pool
  • Large Debris
  • Any shape of pool

Bad for:

  • Tile pools need a change of tyres more often
  • Depending on the model require a second pump which adds to running costs per year.
  • Most don't scrub the pool finish
  • Can be annoying to get the bag off.
  • Dust

Robotic Pool Cleaners (Zodiac CX20 - ICH - KBots)

Great for:

  • Small, large debris doesn't matter most robotic pool cleaners
  • Quick cleans
  • Best pool clean you will get without doing it yourself.
  • Most will scrub the pool.
  • Large baskets
  • Independent filtration system.
  • Your energy efficient pump and stay on ECO saving you money.

Bad for:

  • Should really be taken out of the pool after using it

If i think of anymore as time goes on i will add them here but this will at least help with making a decisions. If you would like to read more about Robotic Pool Cleaners you can do that here.  As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email us.

Have a nice day.

10th Apr 2018 Mark

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