Stop your pool cleaner getting stuck

Swimming Pool Cleaner Hose StorageAn automatic pool cleaner can give you hours back on the weekends, depending on the type of cleaner you have it may require more attention than others. Robotic pool cleaners such as the Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner are less day to day maintenance than a say a suction pool cleaner but this guide is to help any hose operated pool suction cleaner the best performance possible.

Keeping your suction pool cleaner from getting stuck is different depending on the cleaner and the type of pool you have, whether it is a Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac (Baracuda) or any other suction cleaner is relativity simple but requires some tuning.

Having the pool cleaner function at its peak performance and achieving as much of the pool as possible consists of a few factors, correct storage, hose weights, pool cleaner hose length, suction from the pool pump and maintenance can pool. 

Pool Cleaner Tips

Hose Storage

When storing pool hoses single or one-meter lengths it is best to disconnect the hoses and lay them straight side by side. If you have limited space for storage be sure they are not left on an uneven surface or the hoses will curl. If the pool hose is curled then simply lay that section in the sun lay out straight so the memory will form back to factory. hose.

Hose Weights

Hose weights are designed to balance the head or "machine" of the pool cleaner to the surface of the pool, many end users place the hose weights close to the head of the unit believing this is where it is supposed to go. Providing that the head of the cleaner is flat on the surface of the pool the cleaner might not need a hose weight. See the diagram to the side it shows how a weight can affect the balance of the pool cleaner. Placing the hose weight closer to the head of the cleaner pushed it forward and placing the weight further away from the head tilts it backward. If the head of the pool cleaner is off parts will wear unevenly. Sometimes as the hose passes back towards the skimmer box the hose can pass over the hose that comes from the skimmer box, a hose weight placed in the correct spot can allow the hose to pass under correctly.

Swimming Pool Cleaner Hose Weights

Hose Length

Depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool deciding the hose length is not too difficult, in most swimming pools the length of the skimmer basket to the furthest edge of the pool plus one meter is ideal. This will vary depending on the type of pool cleaner as some have different hose lengths, there are some cases depending on the shape of the pool that it is beneficial to have more or less hose, you may not get complete coverage of the swimming pool but it will not get stuck. Some pools depending on the design will sacrifice 15% of the pool cleaning coverage so that the cleaner doesn't get stuck on the steps of the pool.

Swimming Pool Cleaner Hose Length

Water Flow

Normally it is best practice to have the water returning to the pool from the pool pump not affect the natural path of the pool cleaner, however, with small adjustments to the direction it can balance to coverage of the pool. The returning water pressure can be pointed at a corner that the cleaner is stuck in to help move the hose out of a corner thus allowing the unit to clean the pool more effectively and becoming less maintenance and causing wear on the head of the cleaner. Note that some suction cleaners can not run with a low RPM on three speed or variable pumps. Most suction cleaners of the disc variety require 1800 RPM or more on a 6M head (the distance from the skimmer basket to the pump).

Swimming Pool Cleaner Water Flow

Note that some swimming pools can not have hose driven pool cleaners such as a Zodiac G2, or Kreepy Krauly VTX7 and will require a head driven suction cleaner such as a Zodiac MX6 or Kreepy Krauly Sprinta to help navigate the pool especially in free form swimming pools.

24th May 2017 Mark

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