When to replace Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge Elements

Pool and Spa Cartridge Filter Elements

Cartridge filters for swimming pools and spas are a corner stone of the industry, they allow for little water loss when cleaning which makes them a great alternative to Media Filters such as sand or glass, The element inside which does all the cleaning can be changed very quickly with little fuss and mess unlike changing the glass in a media filter as the element is simply replaced. 

When should i change my cartridge filter element

Some filter element have a band around the paper to keep the element in form, if the band is broken it will allow debris to pass around the element returning debris back to the pool, this can create cloudy water and all kinds of issues for your water balance making it very hard to keep your pool or spa water clear. Discoloration and oils are a good sign of needing to replace the element however a good soak in filter degreaser for a few hours or days depending on the age of the element can be a way to breath new life into the element. If you find that the element does not remove any debris and the pool water is balance but the water will not clearing  with an aged cartridge element it is best to replace it.

At Pool Super Store we stock a large range of genuine and non genuine Cartridge Elements to suit spa and pool cartridge filters.

Note that some filters can take one or more cartridges as well as some that sit into the base of the filter and some screw in, this is common in spa filters.

26th Jul 2018 Mark

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