Zodiac MX6, MX8, AX10 Tracks Pair Genuine

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  • Zodiac MX6, MX8, AX10 Tracks Pair
  • Zodiac MX6, MX8, AX10 Tracks Single


Genuine Zodiac MX6, MX8, AX10 Tracks Pair replacement spare part to suit the Zodiac MX6, MX8 and AX10 model pool cleaners.If your pool cleaner has stopped and will not drive and spins in the same spot make sure the tracks have contact with the gear assembly.

There are a few things to note when checking the ware on your pool cleaner tracks such as the teeth on the inside of the track which make contact directly to the gears, if the teeth are warn the tracks will need replacing. Make sure that the tracks are not leaving a black residue on the gear as this is a sign of unbalanced water and will make the tracks stick in place to the gears requiring replacement.

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