Floating Bluetooth Speaker & Light Show

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BV-G4312 - Pool Systems
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  • G.A.M.E Floating Bluetooth Speaker & Light Show
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  • Floating Bluetooth Speaker & Light Show


G.A.M.E Floating Bluetooth Speaker & Light Show for iPhone & Android - Wireless, Rechargeable & Waterproof. This battery operated pool light is perfect for parties or any social event. Two units can be synced together so that the same music can be played on both devices, one at a seating area and another in the pool or both in the pool to give extra coverage. Being able to adjust the volume, lights and change tracks directly from the device is paramount for a pool speaker. Lasting up to eight hours this will give you a long extended swim.


  • Answer phone calls and voice caller ID
  • Sync multiple units together
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rating) so you can float it in your pool
  • Change tracks and adjust volume
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • Built-in hanger so you can light up the dance floor
  • Take it anywhere, from your pool to your house, the beach to camping
  • Patented lens for a dazzling light show
  • Perfect for pools with no built in lights
  • Includes USB power cord.
  • No batteries required.

Tip: The lights can be disabled and the device can be used as a normal blue tooth speaker and hug out of the way with the included hook.

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