Zodiac Disc Genuine

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The Zodiac Disc also known as a skirt sits just above the flexi foot on most pool cleaners, it requires replacing when the disc is sucked into the cleaner mouth or folds under itself while the pool cleaner is in operation. This can stop the pool cleaner from navigating the pool correctly, as well as getting stuck on the pool finish. When replacing the disc make sure to check any other contacts the cleaner has to the pool for ware, such as the flexi foot on a Zodiac G2 as this can cause the pool cleaner to get suck directly to the finish of the pool and not allow water channels to pass sticking the cleaner to the finish.

  • Suitable for Zodiac Pool Cleanners: G2, G3, G4, Pacer, Zoom, Classic, Aquasphere, Contractor and others
  • Suitable for plaster, cement, tile, marcite, pebble, vinyl and fiberglass pools 
  • Genuine Zodiac Product

Tip: There is a label indicating the "top" on the fin side of the disc.

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