Zodiac Alkalinity Up 4Kg

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The Zodiac Alkalinity Up commonly known as "buffer" is used too stabilise the pH level in the water and stop extreme fluctuations up or down.

Alkalinity Up General Instructions:

  1. This Product raises both the total alkalinity and pH levels.the ideal pH level us 7.2-7.6.Total Alkalinity level should be maintained between 80-159ppm
  2. Always test the water before adding chemicals.


    Dissolve the product in a bucket of pool water, and then apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool with the filter running for 4-6 hours.
  4. As a guide, do not add more than 4Kgs of this product to pool water in any 12 hour period.

Alkalinity Up Benefits:

  • Stabilises pH level
  • Essential for swimmer comfort

Alkalinity Up Active Constituent:

  • 1000g/Kg Sodium Bicarbonate

Note: The information provided is a guide water chemistry should always be tested by a pool professional before application to ensure results as unbalanced water can hinder the product.

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